Jennifer Brancato

Former University Archivist & Coordinator of Special Collections:

Jennifer played a vital role during the first semester of this project. She helped faculty think of places where important material lay hide in mass of material produced over the many years.  She then introduced students to the University of Dayton Archives and helped coordinate their research.  For her efforts we ended up referring to Jennifer as the “Angel of the Archive.”

Aidan Curran

Aidan is a digital media specialist working in the Teaching and Learning Center at UD.  Aidan loaned us equipment to conduct the video interviews, gave us advise of how to proceed, and insured we got copies of the interviews.  He also helped solve a number of digital media problems we confront.

Paul Dagnell

Instructional Design & Media Team Lead at the UD LTC:

Paul took time out of his busy schedule to introduce students to the skills and equipments needed to video record the oral interviews. He also generously allowed us to use the equipment of the LTC.

Scott DeBolt

Senior Associate Athletics Director – Director of UD Arena:

Despite his many responsibilities as the Director of the UD Arena, Scott meet with the faculty, encouraged our research, and provided invaluable assistance in locating materials.  Scott also displayed an admirable willingness to allow researchers access to information about the legal and business sides of the arena that a less generous spirit might not have done.  Thanks Scott.

Don Donoher

Former Head Coach of the University of Dayton Basketball Team (1964-1989), Athletic Director at UD (1976-1980):

Coach Donoher was an invaluable resource throughout the project.  A remarkably generous and self-effacing man Coach quickly became a student favorite after agree to meet our classes.  As a reader of the history will see, Coach Donoher’s anecdotes helped give what might have been a dry subject matter a good deal of humor. His insights into the history led us to look in directions we would have missed by only examining the historical documents. Finally, Coach’s allowed us accesses to his home and private collection of UD basketball memorable. For you help with this project, remarkable lifetime of service, and inspiring personality, we thank and salute you.

Kayla Harris

Assistant Professor; Librarian/Archivist for the UD Marianist Archive

Doug Hauschild

Director of Athletics Communication:

Doug provided the researchers with a large body of film related to the athletic program.  While we were fortunate enough to find previously unknown or lost film footage of the these years in UD basketball, the material which Doug generously provided has proven immensely helpful.  Without it the site would have proved less engaging.

Faculty of the Department of History at the University of Dayton

A project of this size could not have been undertaken without the support of the entire faculty of the UD Department of History. Dr. David Darrow’s suggestion to write a history of the Arena gained widespread support among the faculty. Dr. Uhlman and Darrow’s effort to bring that idea to fruition was facilitated by the advice of their colleagues. Most importantly, however, the faculty supported their decision to pursue the time intensive and risky new way of teaching.  Creativity requires a community, and we want to thank them for backing our efforts.  Thank Drs. Juan Santamarina, Christopher Agnew, Julius A. Amin, Karen Barley, Janet Bednarek, Dorian Borbonus, Una Cadegan, Marybeth Carlson, Michael. S. Carter, Ellen Fleischmann, Miguel Gomez, John Heitmann, Laura Hunt Hume, Tracey Jaffe, Caroline Merithew, Haimanti Roy, Mary Sanderson, Laura Sextro, Bobbi Sutherland, Bill Trollinger, and Versalle Washington.

Kyle Nagel

Team Leader, Explanatory Journalism, Cox Media:

Much like Larry Hansgen, Kyle meet with faculty early on in this project.  His insights into the history of Dayton and the basketball program provided important leads. At the same time his advise on whom to interview and stories about UD basketball more generally proved very helpful.

Don Pair

Professor; Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary Research and Experiential Initiatives; Acting Head, Hanley Sustainability Institute:

Don provided important institutional support for the project as it began to extend beyond the first semester.  His office provided an indispensible financial assistance in the form of a “College of Arts and Sciences Experimental Learning Grant” for the History Departments “Dayton Arena History and Department of History Integrating Experiential and Community-Based Learning Curriculum Initiative.”  This grant provided the resources needed to carry on summer work that tied the two-semester project together. Without that support the project might never have been completed.

Juan Santamarina

Associate Professor; Chair of Department of History:

Large teaching projects do not get done without greater leadership. The faculty and students of this endeavor were fortunate to have Juan, the Chair of the History Department, helping them jump the man hurdles they confronted. Juan also insured that the History Department generously provided financial support needed in order to see the project through.

Dave Shone

Digital and Social Media Specialist, Cox Media:

Dave aided in the research needed for this webpage by providing valuable introductions to members of the local media.  Dave also added insight into where important materials might be held.  A storyteller and novelist, he also proved an important sounding board for faculty leading this project.

Eric F. Spina

President of the University of Dayton:

This project could not have been undertaken without the support of the UD new President Dr. Eric Spina. President Spina agreed to provide the researchers accesses to the sealed papers of the UD Presidents and Board of Trustees.  Without that act we would not have been able to write this history.  He did so knowing that it was possible that some of what the researchers found might not shed the best light on the university.  His support for bringing the historical truths to light revealed an admirable degree of academic integrity that impressed the faculty but most importantly taught the students an important lesson. His support also helped smoothed the path for us during our research.  President Spina also took an active personal interest in the project that further inspired the students.  He also took time out of his busy schedule to visit our classroom and interact with the students. We could not have asked any more from the head of the school.

Kristina Schulz

University Archivist & Coordinator of Special Collections:

Kristina’s participation with this project began when she was an Assistant Archivist and continued when she became the head of UD Archives.  Like Jennifer before her, she played a vital role in this project. She helped faculty think of places where important material lay hide in mass of material produced over the many years.  She then introduced students to the University of Dayton Archives and helped coordinate their research.

Karen Velasquez

Director of Experiential Learning:

Karen supported faculty efforts to make this class happen by providing help in locating resources and publicizing the class. Her office provided much needed financial support early in the project. The “Experiential Learning Innovation Fund” grant helped cover the initial costs of paying for the services needed to place the website on the world wide web. The financial support also helped defray the costs of buy equipment. Thanks for being an advocate of Experiential Learning Karen.