A wide variety of primary sources were used in writing the history of the UD Arena. For example we drew upon articles in the newspapers of the time.  We also conducted oral history interviews.  Historical film and photography provided additional insight. Government documents from both the city of Dayton and State of Ohio were consulted. Internet sources proved useful.  However, the single most important type of primary documents that we used were the unpublished correspondence, memos, notes, meeting minuets, business records, receipts, personal journals, and scrapbooks, held at local manuscript archives. These repositories often hold many types of source materials, but are singularly important because they possess the unique artifacts generated by individuals, civic organizations, businesses, governments, and schools. We also utilized private collections of similar materials that have been preserved by family and friends of key people in the events studies here. Below are links to the most important of the public archives used for this project. Where possible we have included finding aids to the collections that we consulted.

University of Dayton Archives and Special Collections

University of Dayton Special Collections Homepage

Guide to the Si Burick Papers

Guide to the Presidents Papers

Guide to the Papers of the Board of Trustees

Guide to the Papers of the Athletic Department

Guide to the Fredrick’s Scrapbook