Archives Gallery

On these gallery pages are primary sources – scrapbooks, letters, internal organization documents, memos, newspaper articles, photographs, videos, and interviews – related to the period and events surrounding the construction of the University of Dayton Arena. These are among the primary sources used in the writing of the histories on this page, and were drawn from many archives. The materials have been selected to provide different angles from which to study the period during which the Arena was constructed. Many of the internal documents and newspaper coverage of the effort to build the Arena can be found in the Frericks Scrapbook and UD Athletic Department records. Additional materials on the history of UD basketball can be found in the private collections of Don Donoher and Frericks Family. Further materials related to public reception of the building of the Arena can be found in the Dayton Periodical gallery. The gallery titled UD Publications contains insights into life at UD during this period. Newspaper coverage of racial tensions in Dayton can be found in the gallery titled Area Progress Council and Civil Rights Movement.  Similar concerns that are connected to the UD teams of this era can be found in the Newspaper Coverage section. Video footage of interviews conducted by students can be found in the Interview gallery. Additional film footage from the period in Dayton’s history and UD basketball, can be seen in the Video gallery.