History of the UD Arena

Welcome to the University of Dayton Arena project!  This site is the product of historical research carried out by University of Dayton students and faculty. Under the guidance of faculty members, senior history majors spent a year investigating the events between 1967 and 1970 that led to the conception and construction of the UD Arena. The students quickly learned that the story stretched far beyond the offices of UD administrators. They spoke with those who were around five decades ago, examined archives across the city, recovered long forgotten films, and searched the boxes left to relatives by those no longer with us.  From all of that they pieced together the history that appears on this website. We hope you enjoy our efforts to uncover the past and use it to better understand the world we see about us today.

While a great deal of research and work went into the making of this website, it is not complete. When exploring you will find sections still under construction. Also, the history we have written is continually undergoing changes as we discover new things. Thank you for understanding.